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Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon's history of hip-hop!

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End of Days, Arnold SchwarzeneggerLast night, Justin Timberlake, star of The Social Network (as well as a recent Dave Karger video interview) and EW’s current coverboy, was Jimmy Fallon’s guest. After JT and JF did the interview thing (wherein JF created a semi-awkward moment by telling JT he excelled at playing a “creep” in Social Network), they took to the stage and graced the audience with a history of hip-hop. From the Sugarhill Gang to the Beastie Boys to Snoop Dogg to Jay-Z, they seamlessly rapped their way through three decades’ worth of music. JF held his own just fine, but JT really stood out (doesn’t he always?). Obviously, the guy knows how to rock a mic — and what a master mimic he is! Naturally, the audience ate up the dudes’ act like candy from Annie Barrett’s office. My favorite part? Their bro-hug at the very end.

Check out the videos (below). Should they make this a regular thing? What musical genre should they tackle next? The history of country? The history of punk rock? The history of R&B?