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'Glee': Which Britney songs should have been covered?

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From the bottom of my broken heart, PopWatchers, I’m a little disappointed with some of Glee‘s song choices for the long-awaited Britney Spears-themed episode last night. That’s not to say I didn’t run to iTunes and download the entire slate of songs, but, in my head, I imagined the songs playing out a differently on screen. As fun as the Britney video re-creations were, I’d hoped for more creativity in the song presentation.

The exception to my gripe was Artie’s football-themed rendition of “Stronger.” They worked the song into his storyline, put a nice little spin on the song itself by having it sung by the guys, and even busted out the dancing football players. I love the dancing football players.

One Glee-ized Britney video would have been fine, but I wanted (pun alert!) “Stronger” performances. If I wanted to watch Britney’s music videos, I would.

So, put me under anesthesia, these are the songs/performances/scenarios I’d hoped for:

“(You Drive Me) Crazy”: Tina to new love Mike. Bonus points would have been awarded if they had found a way to work Adrian Grenier into the performance. (Like if a picture of him was hanging in Tina’s locker as she sang to Mike!)

“Lucky”: Rachel in her bedroom after a fight with Finn. With an interlude. There’d HAVE to be a cheesy spoken interlude. Ooh! Done by Sue. Although, I don’t know what Sue would be doing in Rachel’s bedroom… Whatever, it would be their problem to work out. This is my (anesthesia-induced) dream.

“Womanizer”: Kurt. I don’t care how. He just needed to do this song, and I weep for the lost possibility.

What do you think, PopWatchers? Share your dream songs/scenarios below!

More Glee ponderings on Twitter: @EWSandraG