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'Dancing With the Stars': Week 2 is liiiiiiiiiiiiive!

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Image Credit: Kelsey McNeal/ABCWelcome back, DANCMSTRs! It’s week 2, Michael Bolton’s draped in animal print and in a startling turn of events, Under-Enthusiastic Bongo Guy is sort of smiling while Enthusiastic Chimes Lady is so super-focused on her chimes that her face has almost no expression whatsoever! WTF, ECL?! Anyway, I need to go focus on the show. Come back in the morning (a little sooner, if you’re an insomniac or simply insane) for my full recap.

Update: Recap is liiiiiiiiiiive!

Discuss the week 2 performances of Dancing With the Stars here and nominate your Hidden Gems of the Week in the comments. And don’t miss Derek’s weekly EW.com check-in!

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