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'Drop Dead Diva' renewed (or I would've smacked someone)

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Image Credit: LifetimeThe season 2 finale of Lifetime’s Drop Dead Diva had the unfortunate luck of going up against the Emmys last month. Which is why it wasn’t until days later that I finally had a chance to watch it and scream. Jane (Brooke Elliott) was finally ready to tell Grayson (Jackson Hurst) that she was actually his late fiancée Deb in his brilliant lawyer colleague’s body. The woman he compares every other woman to, including the one he’d just broken up with, Vanessa, because he wasn’t ready to move on, was still there. But before she could, Grayson asked Jane to be his best man at his wedding to Vanessa — they’d gotten back together because an earlier chat with Jane made him realize he needed to move forward. Jane left the restaurant upset, Grayson chased after her — AND GOT HIT BY A CAR. Jane knelt by his side and begged her guardian angel Fred (Ben Feldman), who’d warned her that telling Grayson the truth that only Fred and Deb’s best friend Stacy (April Bowlby) knew may not end well, to do something. Grayson looked up at Jane and said… “Deb?” End scene. And SCREAM!

That’s a cliffhanger that needs resolved. Granted, Grayson will probably come to in the season 3 premiere not remembering that he saw Deb in Jane. (It’s called giving us a hint of what we want, then hitting the reset button. I agree with commenters: Grayson needs to acknowledge his love for Jane first, which is what she’d expected him to do when they met that night.) But I’ll be there watching. You?