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'The Office' fanisode: Who did the best [insert character name here]?

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Steve Carell is leaving The Office with no confirmed replacement in sight, but if the show is looking for someone to do voiceover work, they need look no further than this Office fanisode. In the just-released final cut of “Murder,” recreated by fans as part of a challenge, Michael Scott’s voice twin can be heard at the 17:09 minute mark of the video. His physical appearance is nothing like Carell’s — not to mention, I’m not sure if he’s watching the same version of The Office as the rest of us based on his styling choices — but the vocal resemblance is incredible. I would have been fooled into thinking it was Carell if I hadn’t been looking at the man speaking. Take a look and tell me if I’m imagining things. Warning: In the process, you might get sucked into watching the whole thing. It moves quick enough so you don’t get bored with the amateur acting, and some fans’ character interpretation were rather clever. (Like finger puppet Pam!)

Among my ultimate favorites were the girl who portrayed Pam at the 2:06 mark (because her mannerisms were dead-on), Stanley (as a Cleveland Brown action figure!) at 5:05, Jim on a stick at 5:40, and bald-cap Kevin at 7:10. Although, I have to admit that the best highlight had nothing to do with the characters or the episode; it was the woman in the white shorts lying on the floor at 19:38 because she really looks like she had no idea what was going on.

Check it out below if you’re so inclined, and tell me if you see anything noteworthy, PopWatchers. Are you in it? Which were the best character interpretations? Do you see any Hidden Gems?!

Reminder: The Office season premiere airs tonight on NBC.

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