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'Grey's Anatomy' is back tonight, and I can't wait

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I think I’m ready to love Grey’s Anatomy again. I can’t believe it myself! I got show-divorced from Grey’s right around the dark Gizzie times, and hadn’t really looked back — until I caved and watched last season’s finale. And then I watched all of last season, and now I’m sucked back in, and I seriously cannot wait for tonight. So much aftermath to wade through!

Here’s hoping Sarah Drew’s April works her way into the Seattle Grace in-crowd this season; Shonda Rhimes herself told our own Michael Ausiello that the April (and Jackson) “have really been folded into the group,” and I’m curious to see how that plays out. Certainly the big story is going to be Derek’s recovery, but I’m almost more invested in Alex’s — dude needs a dawn-of-a-new-day kind of restart. Maybe this is his chance?

Let’s hear it, PopWatchers: Are you more invested in Meredith’s post-shooting storyline, or Cristina’s? How do you think Bailey’s handling everything? And what of Callie, Arizona, Marc, and Lexie?

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