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'Saturday Night Live': New premiere promos featuring host Amy Poehler

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Ahead of Amy Poehler’s return to Saturday Night Live for this Saturday’s season premiere, she and Andy Samberg stepped out of the studio for a series of rooftop promos, notable for several things: (1) Kudos for the Parks and Recreation love, which I hope will be repeated in some way, shape, or form during every skit this Saturday.* (2) Samberg is definitely the Garth in this relationship. (3) Poehler hasn’t seen The Town yet, or she simply has a grudge against Blake Lively. Or she’s joking.

Is it possible to bring Schwing! or Excellent! back at this point? Not!

* In fact, wouldn’t it be great if Poehler’s costars from Pawnee, who tragically have been relegated to a mid-season replacement, joined her on Saturday night?