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'Raising Hope' premieres tonight: Will you watch?

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As much as we TV viewers love our gimmicks (mysterious islands or spontaneously breaking out into song and dance), we have just as much love for more simple, but equally terrifying, gags about the perils lurking in our own homes. (Modern Family, anyone?)

So in a sea of fall TV, it should be comforting to know that we can come home to Raising Hope, Fox’s promising new comedy (premiering tonight on Fox, 9 p.m.) about a do-nothing pool boy, Jimmy (Lucas Neff), who unexpectedly becomes a father when his one-night stand winds up in jail. Jimmy is then left to raise the child with his abrasive mother (Martha Plimpton) and wacky grandmother (Cloris Leachman). Check out the trailer below:

To find the sparkle in screwball, the series found the pitch-perfect exec-producer with Greg Garcia of My Name Is Earl fame. “We’re going look to push the envelope in spots and have some good, edgy moments that make everyone laugh, but still do so from a grounded place [where] we can still get some emotional endings,” Garcia told EW. “That’ll be our goal every week.”

With the show already garnering positive buzz — and our TV critic, Ken Tucker, naming it one of his top five new shows of the season — could it be this year’s (slightly crasser) Modern Family? Will you watch the premiere tonight?

Photo: Greg Gayne/Fox