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'Castle' returns. Beckett wears stilettos on the job. Discuss.

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Image Credit: Adam Larkey/ABCCastle returned last night with a season 3 opener that saw Castle (Nathan Fillion) having to earn his way back on to Beckett’s team after he didn’t keep in touch with them during his summer in the Hamptons — and was found holding a gun over the body of a dead woman. (He did that by winning a bet with Beckett that he would figure out the connection between the multiple victims first — they were involved in a counterfeiting ring and were being eliminated by two cohorts. The dead woman was a sculptor from whom Castle had purchased pieces. She’d invited him over to talk because she thought she was in trouble. He’d shown up right before the police, found her dead, and picked up the gun she’d had to defend herself when he heard someone entering her apartment and assumed it was her killer.) The hour climaxed with Beckett and Castle pointing guns at one another — or rather, the bad guy/gal standing behind each other waiting to fire. (Did Castle take target practice in the Hamptons?) We ended with warm fuzzies because Beckett smiled when it was suggested that she let Castle win the bet. She does want to continue working with him. It was a solid premiere that has stayed on my mind all day… because Beckett wore stilettos.

Now, Beckett is a sexy woman, and it’s nice to see a female detective embrace that side of her personality. (Plus, it made me stop and wonder if she hadn’t been trying to look her best, hoping each day was the day Castle would return.) But Beckett is also a smart woman who — even if she’s as good on heels as Dancing With the Stars‘ Cheryl Burke (who’s sporting four-inch ones this season to stay in the same frame as her partner, Rick Fox) — would know that running in stilettos puts her at an unnecessary disadvantage. She’s isn’t on a dance floor — she’s (supposed to be) on the streets of New York, where she’s occasionally chasing after people who’d happily kill her. (And where there are subway grates in which her heels could get caught.) I thought maybe she just wore them around the office and changed before she went out on a case. But no, she’s wearing them at the end of that shootout. (And frankly, switching shoes would seem undignified for Beckett.)

So, are you happy that Beckett is a character capable of routinely catching bad guys in stilettos (this wasn’t an undercover gig), or, do you see it as being out of character?