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America's Perfect Teen from...Wales?

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Image Credit: Deanna Meredith/America’s Perfect TeenOh no she didn’t! Some American pageant hopefuls (and their stage moms, no doubt) are outraged because Anysha Panesar, 16, was crowned America’s Perfect Teen 2010. The problem? Panesar resides in Wales. In the United Kingdom. The last time I checked, that’s definitely NOT in America.

Panesar was in Florida on holiday with her family when she beat out the other contestants, claiming the top prizes, including a full scholarship to the Connecticut School of Broadcasting. So naturally, she’s caused quite a stir with her new title. “Some people did say I shouldn’t have won because I’m British,” she told the London Daily Mail. “But really I think the people who said that just said it because they didn’t win.”

Some of the girls are, no doubt, just jealous, though there is something a bit odd about the whole thing. Even the website for the pageant states that the competition “is designed for all young women, (ages 13-15, 16-19, 20-29) from every state in America, and DC.” Apparently, there’s a loophole though, as Michael Galanes, the pageant’s founder, told the BBC: “Yes, her win caused a bit of a stir because she is, of course, British. But that is perfectly within the rules of the competition and those people are just naysayers.”

Maybe it’s just me, but perhaps they should consider changing the name so people don’t throw a fit when they learn America’s Perfect Teen is actually British. On the flip side, maybe this means I can visit another country and win a prize! I could sure use $2,000.

What do you think, PopWatchers? Whose side are you taking on this one?