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'Smallville' final season promo: Weeping yet?

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I know a few people who are probably off in a corner somewhere crying in the fetal position at the sight of the newest Smallville promo (embedded below) for the show’s final season. And I don’t blame them. Had I spent ten years on a show that was coming to an end, I’d be a wreck. Which is to say: I feel for you, Smallville-watching PopWatchers. I really do.

Watching this promo six times, I really wish I’d stuck with it — I’ve only watched the pilot and a few scattered episodes a friend convinced me to watch. This promo does a fine job of making me feel like I’ve missed one heck of a party. My only gripe is with the music (“Nature Boy” cover by Kerli). It’s not nearly epic enough. This is Clark freaking Kent, future Superman. Not Clark Kent, moody alternative music fan.

That being said, what do you think of the promo, PopWatchers? Any former Smallville fans regretting jumping ship? Are those of you who stuck with it glad you did? What are you expectations?

Feel free to rub my face in your joy in the comments or on Twitter (@EWSandraG)