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'The Tourist' trailer: 'You look ravenous.'

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The trailer for December’s Johnny Depp-Angelina Jolie spy thriller, The Tourist, has hit the Internets. And, boy, does it look gooood. (Video is embedded below.) Yes, Angie does seem to be working a bizarre accent, but that’s okay. (Mercifully, she doesn’t sound anything like Olympias from Alexander.) From the jazzy score during the Strangers on a Train-ish kick-off, to the glory of the Venetian cityscape, to the artful dodging of bullets as Depp and Jolie speedboat through canals, I am sold. Dialogue sounds promising, too. “You look ravenous,” Johnny says to Angie. “Do you mean ravishing?” she replies. Oh, yes.

Here ’tis. Are you as psyched as I am for The Tourist?