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'Survivor: Nicaragua': Jeff Probst on the new season, final 3 vs. final 2, and how long he'll keep hosting

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Survivor: Nicaragua premieres tonight on CBS. Yes, that’s right — the show has switched back to Wednesdays. But how does host Jeff Probst feel about being moved off TV’s most important evening (Thursday), especially after dominating it for years? The host discusses his feelings about the displacement as well as several other Survivor hot-button topics in parts 3 & 4 of our on-location chat, topics like: some new wrinkles to the hidden immunity idols to keep contestants from finding them every 13 seconds; why the show prefers a final 3 as opposed to final 2 (they couldn’t be more wrong on this, if you ask me); and whether this will indeed be Probst’s final year hosting the reality giant. (Yep, the three-time Emmy winner’s contract is up again in May.) You’ll also be treated to some exclusive in-game and behind-the-scenes footage along the way. Check out what Probst has to say in the video player after the jump, and then hit the message boards and let us know what you think about the great final 3 vs. final 2 debate. Also make sure to watch parts 1 & 2, where Probst shows off his heavy metal singing voice and explains what made him so upset at the first immunity challenge., as well as the first two minutes of the Survivor: Nicaragua season premiere. And check back here tomorrow for my full recap of tonight’s premiere. Finally, for more Survivor scoop, follow me on Twitter @EWDaltonRoss.