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EW's Must List App: Better Than Ever!

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Upgrade! Is there a more beautiful word in the English language? (Don’t answer that.) Because self-improvement is the road to personal nirvana, EW is proud to announce the latest version of our Must List application for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. The happy elves in EW’s Digital Workshop have made our already-amazing apps better, faster, and more capable than ever of telling you what’s new and exciting every week of the year. In addition to improving performance, we’ve also added push notifications, so you can choose to receive a message each week letting you know when a new list has been published.

The world of pop culture is big and confusing: Boston bank robbers! Sexy vampires! A shell with shoes on! Our Must List functions as a handy guide, a treasure map to all kinds of entertainment. So fire up your iPod, iPhone, or iPad and update your  Must List application now! The pleasure centers of your brain will thank you.

Haven’t tried our Must List apps yet? What are you waiting for? Download the latest versions for free on iTunes!

EW’s Must List for iPad: Click here

EW’s Must List for iPhone and iPod touch: Click here