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'Dancing With the Stars': Steve-O pulling for the Hoff; Audrina and The Situation talk training

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Image Credit: Craig Sjodin/ABCYou know what’s been missing from your morning? Season 8 contestant Steve-O’s take on Dancing With the Stars season 11! Obviously. When EW asked the Jackass star after the VMAs who he’d like to see win, Steve-O said “David Hasselhoff all the way. I was rooting for The Situation. But I went up and introduced myself to him tonight and he was too cool for me so f— that guy. Now I am Team Hoff.” Whoa! We had better luck than Steve-O in snagging the Jersey Shore figurehead’s attention — the press pass may have helped! After the break, The Situation and Audrina Patridge talk season 11, and I make a shocking ballroom prediction I will likely regret. Also: I’ve just decided my motto for DWTS this fall will be “Regrets Only.” Are you with me? Do you feel aliiiiiiiiiive?

SITUATION, THE: “[DWTS] is just another challenge for me. Everyone doubted me and the Jersey Shore before it happened and now it is a huge hit. I thought Dancing With The Stars would be another opportunity for me to shine. It’s another opportunity to get in front of people and make them Situation fans. I love the camera. I love people. It’s another thing for my resume. It’s another job to make some money. I haven’t started yet. We just finished [Jersey‘s] season 3 shoots three days ago and I landed in L.A. yesterday. I am a little nervous and anxious that I am starting off behind the other contestants because I had to finish season 3. But I think that once I start to practice, the steps will come easy to me. I am going to try my hardest, and I don’t mind being the underdog.”

Someone’s in for a world of pain! It may even be a Predicament!

PATRIDGE, AUDRINA: “It’s going really good. I am loving every second of it. I am learning the cha cha right now. Tony is such an amazing teacher. He’s funny and he’s patient and I love his sense of humor. We are both visual learners, so he totally gets me. It is way more work than I thought it would be. I am in pretty good shape and work out, but it is kicking my butt. Everyone warned me about how sore I would be the first two weeks, and you can’t fully comprehend how bad it hurts until you do it. I’m feeling it. You have to get used to being on your feet all day, but I think it’s worth it. I think I have a decent shot. My biggest competition? I haven’t really seen everyone dance yet but I think Brandy may have an edge because she is a musician and has dance experience and she’s young.”

Everyone keeps asking me if Audrina will be the first one eliminated. THIS SEEMS CRAZY but I somehow expect Audrina to make it to the finals. She’s with Tony! She’s young! She’s not Kate Gosselin! And please don’t tell anyone…but I find her somewhat pleasant. Watch Audrina and the now-free Tony perform an impromptu little number (cha cha? I’m rusty) at the end of this clip from Tuesday’s Lopez Tonight.

Look for my official DWTS predictions based purely on the costumes the contestants are wearing in their ABC promo photos later this week. —Additional reporting by Carrie Bell.

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