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'America's Got Talent' finale recap: America voted, and the winner is...

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Prince Poppycock or Jackie Evancho? Fighting Gravity or Michael Grimm? Tonight one act left $1 million richer, headed for the bright lights of Las Vegas. In a few seconds I’ll be revealing that winner, so if you haven’t seen the AGT finale yet and are averse to spoilers, well, away you go! Now that we have an understanding, the season 5 winner is…

Michael Grimm!

In a results show that pretty much mimicked the snail’s pace of the entire season, the four finalists first each performed with their musical idols (Donna Summer & Prince Poppycock, Jewel & Michael Grimm, Lionel Richie & Fighting Gravity, and Sarah Brightman & Jackie Evancho). Producers also found time to bring back those cringeworthy acts left behind during the early audition rounds (because you missed them, right?). In a legitimately cute moment, Nick Cannon gave the memorable Sponjetta Parrish five minutes to do her thing up in her “studio,” and then later surprised her with special guest T-Pain, which brought the voluptuous singer to tears.

But that was all just distraction. When it came down to the results, Prince Poppycock was the first to go (did I just type that?!). At this point in the competition, The Prince seemed larger than life, and his huge fanbase (made up largely of enthusiastic PopWatchers) made me believe he had a real shot at winning. To soften the blow, Piers attempted to make amends with the loser and explained he made a “mistake” in buzzing him last night. (Of course, this is Piers, so he clarified that his mistake was really that he should have hit the buzzer 10 seconds earlier. Jokes!). Was America simply not ready for Prince Poppycock? Fighting Gravity was next out the door (Again, really, America?), leaving the final decision down to Michael Grimm and Jackie Evancho. AGT voters sure haven’t been shy about loving singers this season (maybe America is trying to make up for a lackluster American Idol season?) so it’s fitting that it all came down to these two vocalists. While I was surprised that another guitar-playing crooner won it all, Michael is certainly a deserving champion. As for Jackie? She doesn’t need to win AGT; at 10 years old, she’s officially on everyone’s radar, and has plenty of opportunities ahead of her. But that’s just my opinion, what do you think? Did America get it right?