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RZA trades in Method Man for Cinderella Man, snagging Russell Crowe for kung fu film

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Image Credit: Valery Hache/Getty ImagesProtect ya neck! That is, from the karate chops of Russell Crowe, who will be starring in an unlikely collaboration with Wu-Tang Clan member RZA in the latter’s upcoming kung fu movie The Man With the Iron Fist, the rapper’s manager told EW. RZA is set to direct and apparently has been getting help from chop-sockey enthusiast Quentin Tarantino. And although it may seem that way, Crowe and RZA’s partnership doesn’t come from out of the blue: They co-starred in Ridley Scott’s American Gangster and will be sharing the screen again in the upcoming The Next Three Days.

Personally, I’m super-psyched for this. Not only does the movie promise to be 36 chambers full of high-flying craziness, but it would be good to see Crowe having some fun away from those brown, green, and more brown historical movies and gravitas-laden prestige pieces he’s been making. And it can’t hurt to have another rapper directing, if only to flesh out the dubious pantheon that up to now consists only of The Players Club.

Crowe Rules Everything Around Me, but what about you, PopWatchers? Is this collaboration just crazy enough to work, or is it too crazy? Not crazy enough? All I know is if it’s half as great as this, I’ll be happy.