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James Cameron adapting 'True Lies' for TV

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James Cameron directs big movies. Gigantic movies. Movies that take the box office behind the middle school and get it pregnant. But big-screen success doesn’t necessarily mean much in TV land: Cameron’s early-’00s TV show, Dark Angel, puttered around Fox for two seasons without making much of a ratings dent. (Although we can thank Dark Angel for the Cult of Jessica Alba and the less-glitzy-but-more-rakishly-charming Cult of Michael Weatherly.) Apparently, Cameron is ready to try again: EW has confirmed that the director is currently working on adapting his 1994 spy-thriller True Lies into a TV show.

Compared to the epic sci-fi of Terminator and Aliens, the fantastical worlds of The Abyss and Avatar, and the mammoth historical undertaking of Titanic, True Lies is practically a hidden gem. (Yes, only a James Cameron film could feature a nuclear explosion and be considered a “hidden gem.”) But if you think about it, half the shows on TV right now look a little bit like True Lies. Well, some shows look a lot a bit like True Lies, but the whole “suburban everyman lives a secret action-thriller double life” can be found everywhere: comedies like Weeds, artful fare like Breaking Bad, jaunty adventures like the new No Ordinary Family.

What would you like to see out of a True Lies TV show, PopWatchers? Should they try to recast Arnold, or should they just take the show into a completely different direction? There’s a special dustbin reserved for TV Shows Based on Arnold Schwarzenegger Movies (Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Total Recall 2070, Conan the Adventure), but none of those TV shows had the director of Piranha 2: The Spawning. —Additional reporting by Lynette Rice