EW Staff
September 10, 2010 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Three things every Gleek needs to know about season 2:
Rachel and Finn are together…Again!
The on-again, off-again pair are finally making a go of it. ”It doesn’t mean that their relationship is going to be easy,” says Lea Michele, ”but they’re together right now.” Adds Cory Monteith, ”They’re figuring out how to work as a couple because they have very different personalities and lifestyles.”

Sue has a new nemesis
McKinley High has hired a new female football coach, played by Dot Marie Jones, who, much like Sue (Jane Lynch), is not exactly stable. ”She’s a little off,” teases exec producer Brad Falchuk. ”She has a sort of a quality that makes her hard to be a friend, but at the same time she’s very lovable.”

Major Musical Performances
The second episode is the much-hyped Britney Spears tribute, which features both Spears’ music (look for Matthew Morrison’s Will to lead New Directions in a cover of ”Toxic”) and a cameo by the pop star. Finn takes on R.E.M.’s ”Losing My Religion,” and the club covers Jay-Z and Alicia Keys’ hit ”Empire State of Mind.” To quote Sue Sylvester: Outstanding. SEPT. 21

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