EW Staff
September 10, 2010 at 04:00 AM EDT

Season 17 of the race around the world premieres with a 90-minute episode, and the team that wins the first leg will receive a special surprise that host Phil Keoghan describes as ”a real game changer.” The new teams — including a pair of YouTube sensations, home-shopping hosts, and Ivy League a cappella singers — will go everywhere from Bangladesh to Ghana to the Arctic Circle, all new destinations for the show. And one thing we can count on? Moronic mistakes, like contestants not knowing how to shift gears on a standard car or being afraid to swim. ”When we’re casting, every team comes in and says, ‘Last season had such a bunch of morons,”’ says Keoghan. ”Then we start the race, and within 24 hours they’re bumbling around in another country saying they had no idea how hard it was. It happens every single time.” SEPT. 26 AT 8:30PM

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