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'I'm Still Here' clip: Joaquin Phoenix and Diddy talk money

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We knew from Owen Gleiberman’s review of I’m Still Here, the Joaquin Phoenix documentary, that watching the actor try to convince Diddy to produce his rap album was a memorable moment. View the clip below, and you will concur. Diddy doesn’t respond well when he asks Phoenix if he has money to make this album and Phoenix says he has a studio in his garage. “See, that’s the motherf—in’ problem when people try to do things, they don’t do it the way they do it for their own industries. When you go make a movie… you got money to make a movie, right?” Diddy says. Phoenix says he wants it to be “like a place of true exploration.”

“Can you do that in acting?” Diddy asks. Phoenix says he does, because as an actor, you’re shielded. It’s a different thing.

“No, that’s not a different thing. Lights, right? Lights, motherf—er, lights!,” Diddy says. “Craft services, trailers, makeup, hair, DP, gaffers. Same thing. Studio, engineer, me. ME. Speakers. Do you have any money?”

“Um, well how much do you need?” Phoenix asks.

“How much do you got?” Diddy responds.

Phoenix laughs. Diddy doesn’t.

P.S. I plan on saying, “Lights, motherf—er, lights!” all day.