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Taking out the garbage: On the heels of Danielle Staub's exit, which other 'Housewives' should go?

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Image Credit: Andrei Jackamets/BravoDing dong, the wicked witch…needs to get herself a job. After last night’s woefully awkward hug-it-out session on the New Jersey Housewives Reunion Part 279 couch, Bravo announced that Danielle Staub wouldn’t be returning for a Season 3. A) How uncomfortable did Jacqueline look as Danielle continued to hang onto her shoulders murmuring that she was sorry and that she loved her and that it was done and that she was sorry and that she loved her and that it was done and that she was sorry and that….. and B) Will anyone seriously miss the cooked-up drama Danielle brought over the last two seasons? The show is in serious need for some new faces and sorry, Kim G. and Kim S., your mugs don’t cut it.

Now that Bravo has kicked Danielle to the curb wished Danielle good luck on her singing/clothes designing/stage mothering future ventures, what other Housewives need to similarly take a hike? Here’s my vote: New York should drop Kelly. Orange County needs to make sure Lynne doesn’t sneak back into the action, murmuring that she took a wrong turn and can anyone loan her $100? D.C. needs to shed Michaele and Tareq immediately, and that goes double for Cat. Dare I say that it might be refreshing to see a little less NeNe on the Atlanta series? As for my Housewives Olympic dream team? Bethenny, Sonja, Ramona, Vicki, Teresa, and Kim from Atlanta. And, judging from the Beverly Hills trailer, the loud Hilton sister.

Hit me Housewives fans: Are you glad to see Danielle go? Were you rolling your eyes like Caroline during last night’s pseudo truce? Which Housewives would you like to see vamoosed? What’s your dream team?

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