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Lunchtime Poll: Why can't 'Spice Girls: The Musical' be about the Spice Girls?



Image Credit: David Corio/Redferns/Getty ImagesThe real-life story of ABBA is, essentially, “Two attractive Swedish couples get divorced amicably and live quiet lives forever.” If you were a fat cat Broadway producer, there’s no way you’d make a musical out of that. It sounds like an Ingmar Bergman film, except one of the lame ones where God isn’t a spider. So it makes sense that they turned Mamma Mia! into a Shakespearean farce set on a Greek island, even though ABBA was neither Greek nor Shakespearean. But I’m a little bit mystified that the upcoming Viva Forever, based on the music of the Spice Girls, seems to be going down a similar route. Speaking to Variety, producer Judy Craymer said the show won’t be biographical, but rather, will be “a glimpse of the underbelly of TV talent shows, an invented show and a little bit of comedy romance.” (American Dreamz!)

But why invent a new story, when the reality is so much more interesting? The Spice Girls were the biggest stars in the world. They costarred in a film with Roger Moore. Then Ginger left for a solo career, Scary had a baby with Eddie Murphy, and Posh turned the entire sociopolitical class structure of England upside down. Throw in the fact that most of the Girls have been reborn as reality TV stars, and you’ve got a zany pop musical that doubles as a Creation myth for the modern celebrity era.

What do you think, PopWatchers: should the Spice Girls musical be about the Spice Girls, or about a group of Spice Girls-ish people? Or should they just make Mamma Mia 2, in which Meryl Streep’s five zany nieces visit the island…with sexy results? Our poll machine is currently out of order, so sound off below!