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'Big Brother': Evicted Ragan blasts Rachel and defends Jury House villain Matt

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Everyone congratulate Ragan Fox for making it to fifth place on Big Brother! (Lord knows he congratulated himself enough during those endurance challenges.) But ultimately the 34-year-old college professor was undone by a showtunes-loving animatronic clam. The newly evicted houseguest stopped en route to the Jury House to enjoy an exclusive video chat with yours truly (and a special guest), and wouldn’t you know it, he unloaded on everyone’s favorite houseguest from hell, Rachel. Ragan talks about their big confrontation in the house — just look at the veins bulging in his neck in that photo! — as well as what it will be like to be reunited (and it feels so good?) with the hot tempered redhead on the jury. He also discusses being tackled by Enzo in the veto competition and the flashbacks he felt to being picked on in high school. One person he does still have kind words for, however, is Matt, even after being backstabbed by the “diabolical super genius.” (Whether those good vibrations will hold up once he gets to the Jury House and finds out Matt was lying about his wife being sick is another matter.) See Ragan in all his evicted glory in the video player after the jump. And if you missed last week’s exit interviews, check out Matt here, and the lean, mean, and head-shaven-clean Brendon right here. Finally, for more reality TV absurdity, follow me on Twitter @EWDaltonRoss. Take it away, Ragan…