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'Piranha 3D' sequel (yes, they're making another one) will let audiences choose celeb to get chomped

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Image Credit: Gene Page; Bob Charlotte/PR PhotosPiranha 3D may have only grossed $19.7 million to date, but apparently that’s enough for the fine folks at The Weinstein Co. to launch a sequel to the boobs-and-gore-in-three-dimensions-aganza. What’s more, EW has confirmed that the indie studio is planning an online contest to let fans vote on which celebrity they would most like to see be chomped, sliced, impaled, crushed, and/or skeletonized in the new movie, apparently inspired by audiences’ glee at seeing Jerry O’Connell’s character have his manhood become a piranha amuse bouche.

According to a Weinstein Co. rep, execs are still finalizing plans for the contest, including designing the website for it, but hope to have an official announcement soon. But why wait? Let’s get a jump on selecting famous victims now. Personally, it would be easy to wish for some trashy reality star to have their hair poof eviscerated, or certain blow-hard talking heads to literally lose their flapping tongues. But given the oddly high caliber of acting talent in the first Piranha 3D — Elisabeth Shue, Ving Rhames, Adam Scott, Richard Dreyfuss — I’m thinking it would be all kinds of awesome to see, say, Ian McKellan or Meryl Streep lend their genius to a deliciously grisly death scene.

But that’s me. What celeb would you like to see get the Piranha treatment, PopWatchers?