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M. Night Shyamalan says part of 'The Night Chronicles' is actually 'Unbreakable 2'

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Image Credit: Frank MasiM. Night Shyamalan has had a rough time in the press this summer. The reviews for The Last Airbender were just about universally bad, and, at times, the audience backlash has seemed almost personal. I’m interested to see, then, the reaction to the Sept. 17 horror movie Devil, the first movie in The Night Chronicles, the series of supernatural thrillers he’s producing. (Shyamalan won’t be writing or directing any of the Night movies, though the plots will be based on his story ideas.)

And I’m even more interested now after seeing an interview clip with Shyamalan posted yesterday at MTV.com in which he was asked about a possible sequel to his 2000 Bruce Willis movie Unbreakable. Shyamalan revealed for the first time that his original concept for Unbreakable 2 actually will get made — as the third movie in the Night series. Unbreakable, of course, hearkens back to a time when Shyamalan was still a celebrated wunderkind. And if anyone’s due for a creative comeback soon, it’s him. So is the news that one of his Night stories is based on a past success a good sign? Does this make you more or less intrigued by the Night series?

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