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Cee Lo and Mumford and Sons: What the fug is up with all this swearing?

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Image Credit: Julian BroadIt has long been common knowledge that musicians are often potty-mouthed characters who should, by rights, be rinsing their mouths with soap-and-water rather than rum-and-Cokes. But rock stars’ fondness for what my mother refers to as “pit talk” has for the most part not been reflected in their recorded output.

Until now! Over the past few days it’s been impossible to take a perambulation around EW Towers without hearing salty language of the stripe one might usually associate with drunken pirates boom out from my colleagues’ music systems. I refer in large part, of course, to “F— You,” the latest offering from Mr Cee Lo, who clearly loves enunciating the four letter word as much as John Holmes once adored partaking in the actual deed (younger readers should probably not ask their parents to explain that reference). Then there is “Little Lion Man” by British folkateers Mumford & Sons, which contains the refrain, “I really f—ed it up this time.” Yes, you did, gentlemen—if, that is, you had hopes of me buying your platter for my impressionable, younger relations this Christmas.

I have embedded the offending items after the jump. What do you think about all this lyrical filth? Do you have a favorite swearword-featuring song (and, though I know it’s going to be difficult, let’s keep this clean, folks)?