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'Big Brother': Matt defends giving his wife a fake illness and tries to out-zing the Zingbot

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The bigger they talk, the harder they fall. Matt Hoffman learned that the hard way when the self-proclaimed “diabolical super genius” was voted out of the Big Brother house. I caught up with Matt on his way to the jury house (where he is sure to enjoy a simply delightful time with BFFs Brendon and Rachel) for a video chat and here’s what I found out: Even though he was kicked to the curb, the dude is still as cocky as ever. Matt thinks he played the whole wife’s-fake-illness thing perfectly. He also blasted the other Brigade members (rightly so) for their poor performance in challenges, and even has the gall to talk smack about our beloved Zingbot 3000! See the tattooed terror do his thing in the video player below. Then make sure you catch our exit interview with the lean, mean, and head-shaven-clean Brendon. Also, for more reality TV absurdity, follow me on Twitter @EWDaltonRoss. Take it away, Matt…