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'Avatar!!!!!': Sigourney Weaver gets a new catch phrase in 'You Again' promo clip

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Image Credit: Mark FellmanI’ve been a fan of Kristen Bell ever since she took roughly 0.0007 seconds to get on the phone with me to talk about cult movie The Room. (The girl can’t get enough Tommy Wiseau — and that’s not a euphemism.)

My suspicion that she’s an actress with a pretty decent sense of humor is confirmed by a new tongue-in-cheek promo clip for the forthcoming movie You Again, in which Bell’s costar Betty White derides her as both a poor actress and an terrible bore. The skit, however, is definitely stolen by Sigourney Weaver, who asserts her alpha dog Hollywood status by listing her box-office triumphs including, repeatedly, a certain blue alien-featuring James Cameron movie (which, incidentally, is being re-released in theaters today).

You can watch the sketch after the jump. Take a look and tell us if it tickles you.