August 26, 2010 at 12:00 PM EDT

Image Credit: Cliff Lipson/CBSTonight’s episode of Big Brother was like being served a really big meal after a long period of hunger. You consume it too fast, and afterward, you’re full and uncomfortable. The good news is that this Big Brother bloat also comes with benefits: We’re down to our final five! [SPOILER ALERT, WEST COASTERS. SERIOUSLY, STOP READING.]

With Pinky and the Brain Enzo and Matt on the block, the Brigade’s two voting members had an important choice to make. And unfortunately, they had slightly less time than usual to make it. The houseguests were forced to vote out one of the two nominees before the first commercial break in order to accommodate this week’s double eviction. Matt was ultimately sent to the jury house.

The night’s other victim was Brendon. Don’t cry for him, though, Argentina. He’s going to be reunited with Rachel. The mere thought of the disgusting cooing Matt and Kathy will likely have to endure is making me want to regurgitate, so I’m going to go work on a full TV recap to distract myself. That’s where we can really get into talking about the episode and the final five. (UPDATE: Recap is up!) Also, be sure to check back for Julie Chen’s blog in the a.m. and look out for our exit interviews, too. (You can see the one EW’s Dalton Ross did with Kathy below.) If you want all of this hand-delivered, follow me on Twitter, and I’ll tell you when it’s up (because I’m just that nice).

Until then, chat below about this week’s jam-packed episode, PopWatchers. What do you think of the final five?

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