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'Mad Men,' 'Monsters Inc.,' and 'The Middleman,' together at last!

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Image Credit: AMC; Disney/Pixar; Eike Schroter/ABC FamilySunday night’s Mad Men featured yet more Miss Blankenship, Don’s new dottie secretary. She’s funny and all — although honestly, she’s a little much for me — but I felt like I’ve seen her before. Because I totally have! Because she’s basically Roz from Monsters Inc., and Ida from The Middleman. (So far, Miss Blankenship has yet to display an undercover superstrength of some sort, but I’m guessing it’s there. How could it not? Someone has to save Sally Draper!)

Separated at birth, PopWatchers. I’m telling you. Whom did I forget? I’m sure there someone… Oh, also, your daughter’s psychiatrist called!