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'Big Brother' react: Don't cry, Ragan! You're rich.

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Image Credit: Lisette M. Azar/CBSGeez, but the latest saboteur twist has been a big, fat bust. Ragan may be $20,000 richer but all we got was a begrudging troublemaker who never stirred up trouble, he just pretended to stir up trouble before getting back to what he does best: Sobbing over Matt and how he plays for the wrong team. (First, a note from your sponsor: Sandra’s on vacation and won’t be writing her regular TV watch until next week!).  Anyway, I’m glad that little distraction is gone from the game so we can get back to business of whittling down yahoos.

There weren’t many surprises in tonight’s episode, mostly because the outcome was pretty dang predictable: Matt would use his diamond power of veto, and Kathy would be the obvious nominee since Matt is still playing both sides of the house. It was nice that Ragan’s final act of “sabotage” convinced the houseguests that Kathy was the secret havoc wreaker, simply because she saw fit to make a few beds. (Who in their right mind would think about hospital corners at a time like this! She must have been the one to plant the “I Know Your Secret” note in Capt. Meow Meow’s bed!) But even without Ragan’s so-called dastardly deed, Kathy was a goner, anyway.

But who will pack her things?

So now we get Lane for another week – though God help us, let’s hope he shows more restraint in the shower (and if you don’t know what I’m talking about, you don’t spend near enough time surfing the Big Brother fansites).  I don’t give a hoot about whether he’s got a thing for Britney: Unlike all the single-minded men in this game, blondie’s got her eye on the prize so I’m not expecting her to suddenly canoodle with Lane. And now she’s the HOH! I liked this development, mostly because I thought the gal’s curly hair looked purty tonight and Meow Meow was taking too freaking long with choosing between True or False.

So what did you think about Kathy’s departure? Check out our exit interview with her below!