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Image Credit: FXAs usual, the entirety of last night’s Louie (FX, Tuesdays at 11 p.m. ET) could best be characterized by PopWatch category Horrifying But Hypnotic. You know I usually like trashy reality TV to do the important nightly job of reminding me how awful it is that we are all even alive, but Louie consistently does this in a more…realistic way. Most of us would have trouble relating to the hardships of being an “international supermodel” who can’t score a date in the dark, but when it comes to eating pizza and hating yourself — come on, we’ve all been there. I might even visit there again tonight.

Sorry if this is bumming you out. I’m just trying to get you into the mood of the show! Anyway, a line delivered to Louie by his date (Amy Landecker), stood out to me as one of the saddest truths ever. After Louie rolled over and died in the face of violent threats from an angry teen in a doughnut shop, his date admitted that while she’d enjoyed his company until that point, his un-manly behavior had suddenly turned her off. “My mind is telling me that you’re a great guy, but my chemistry is telling me that you’re a loser.” Whoa. That was way harsh, Tai. But it was honest, and I like that the show goes there. And I like that Louie “went there” all the way to Staten Island to confront the kid’s family. He didn’t really know what he was doing and neither, clearly, did the kid’s dad, like ever. But they shared a smoke and commiserated about exactly that, and what else can you do?

Another poignant/sad moment came during the tag, when a perfectly cast “child Louie” expressed disappointment at the physical status of himself in 30 years (pictured). “You’re fat, you’re ugly…” “And you’ll be bald, too,” adult Louie chimes in.

“What happened to you?”

“I don’t know, man. [Pause.] You’ll see.”

“This sucks.”


Pretty much.

Anyone else appreciating Louis C.K.’s seemingly effortless ability to totally bum you out on Tuesdays?

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