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J.J. Abrams and the folks at Bad Robot have conquered the art of the high-concept pitch. According to The Hollywood Reporter’s Heat Vision Blog, Abrams’ company has picked up an idea from Lost director Jack Bender that goes a little something like this: Two teens at a party play 7 Minutes in Heaven, and when they emerge from the closet, everyone else in the house is dead. I don’t have any idea who’s going to be in the movie, who will direct, or even a clue beyond that 21-word plot description, but I’m already digging into my wallet.

Anyone who’s seen Abrams’ trailers for Cloverfield and Super 8 knows he’s a master of the less-is-more approach, the I’m-not-sure-what-I-just saw-but-I-want-more school of salesmanship. His projects typically have a sharp hook, and just a taste of the story is often enough to reel in an audience. No wonder he’s a green-light machine.

Does the short pitch for 7 Minutes sound interesting to you? Does Abrams’ track record give you confidence that the result will deliver the goods?

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