August 18, 2010 at 03:47 PM EDT

Half of the attractive actors in Hollywood have already been cast in X-Men: First Class, next year’s Matthew Vaughn-directed preboot about the salad days of Professor X and Magneto. Now we can add the former Mrs. Draper to the swelling mutant ranks: Mad Men‘s January Jones will play Emma Frost, a.k.a. the White Queen, a.k.a. the mercilessly hot WASP telepath with a preference for skin-baring outfits. (She also occasionally turns into a diamond form, so yes, she would be a high-maintenance girlfriend.) The character was originally a supervillain but later became an endearingly amoral superhero: it’s not clear which way she’s leaning in First Class, but given that Jones’ de facto expression can best be described as “Icy Disregard for Lesser Beings,” I’m expecting the moral compass to point towards Evil, Evil, Evil.

I’m pretty optimistic. Emma Frost treats normal humans with a mixture of patrician disdain and elitist disgust, which is exactly how Betty Draper Francis treats her daughter Sally. Also, Jones isn’t lacking in the looks department. As a character, the White Queen has an unusually fertile backstory (although it’s difficult to tell just how much First Class is taking from the original comics). It’s entirely possible that she’ll be playing roughly the same role as Mystique in the original X trilogy — a totally hot villainess with few lines — in which case Jones will knock this out of the park. However, one of the best things about the character is how funny she’s become in the hands of creators like Grant Morrison and Joss Whedon — she’s sort of like a younger, angrier, recovering-fascist version of Sex and the City‘s Samantha — and, well, January Jones does not have a good track record in comedy.

What do you think, PopWatchers? Excited about seeing January Jones dressed in teeny-tiny white clothes? Do you think her “I’m Invading Your Mind” face will be more convincing than Matt Parkman’s? Is X-Men: First Class secretly just a superpowered version of Valentine’s Day?

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