Missy Schwartz
August 18, 2010 at 04:45 PM EDT

CBS is developing a companion series to Undercover Boss, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Produced by Studio Lambert (the force behind Undercover Boss), the new, currently untitled show will follow two employees from the same company who compete against each other for a promotion. Though it’s being sold as a companion piece to Boss, the spin-off won’t have the undercover element. So maybe it’ll just be called Boss. Or Outta My Way, Biatch, I’m Gettin’ This Promotion, Not You! The latter has a lovely ring to it, no? Pithy, too.

Makes sense, dropping the “undercover” concept. Now that the show’s already aired a string of episodes, wouldn’t you be a wee bit skeptical now if some new guy showed up at your place of employment with a “documentary” camera crew following him around?

CBS had no comment — on the pilot, that is. I didn’t ask them about my suggested titles. Maybe I should.

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