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'Bachelor Pad' pie-eating contest: The most ridiculous 10 minutes of TV ever?

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Image Credit: ABCBecause I still can’t believe I watched it, you must all suffer through it, too: Behold below, the two-part pie-eating contest on last night’s Bachelor Pad. The ladies went first as the men watched (and ran once the girls started puking). I believe this quote from Kovacs sums it up best: “I’m pretty sure Tenley vomited into the pie, and continued to eat.” Then, the guys sat down. “My hair’s a multi-purpose tool. It looks good. The ladies love it. And it can suck up some pie,” Craig said. Unbelievable. Just like how producers talked the girls into keeping the pie crumbs on their faces while they spoke to the camera afterward. Really, you must watch. I didn’t realize that Bachelor Pad producers were actually trying to punish these people for being famewhores.

P.S. This show makes me miss Paradise Hotel. And you must read Kristen Baldwin’s recap of last night’s episode titled “I want to punch Gia in the face.” (To which I have to ask: “Only Gia?”)

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