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Johnny Carson website relaunches: What clips do you want to see?

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A new johnnycarson.com has been unveiled that includes select Tonight Show moments for fans to enjoy as well as a searchable archive of 3,300 hours of show content for members of the media and production industry interested in licensing clips for commercial use. Granted, no one would ever work again if that archive was accessible to all, but we’d love to see that happen. (Anyone else who’s interested — students and researchers with a relevant need — is encouraged to register and see if they get approved.)

At least the public clips, which we’re told will most likely be updated weekly or bi-weekly, will give everyone a quick fix. There are general “Tonight Show Samplers,” and clips meant to advertise the many DVDs available for purchase through the site. Definitely start up top with the Burt Reynolds one. Not only is his leather suit a sight, you get Burt and Dom DeLuise cackling as Reynolds and Carson partake in a battle with a can of whipped cream. I’ve watched it three times. I’d also recommend the rooster taking a dump on Johnny desk in 1978, and Putt Mossman tossing horseshoes in the direction of Carson’s crotch in 1973. And, just because there’s no better feeling than watching a comic kill his first time in front of Carson, check out Louie Anderson recounting his attempt to compete in the 1984 Summer Olympics.

Which clips do you want to see on the site?