August 12, 2010 at 03:23 PM EDT

America's Got Talent

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It was no surprise that 10-year-old Jackie Evancho advanced to the semifinals on America’s Got Talent last night. Her powerful, Susan Boyle-invoking performance was all the buzz yesterday, despite some skeptics who questioned if the booming sound was really her. Luckily, Howie Mandel took a moment away from his usual creepy schtick and defended Evancho, as well as all the other acts. “On this show no contestant is allowed to lip sync. It doesn’t happen!” he said. Little Jackie even sang on command to prove her legitimacy. Now are you convinced America?

Joining Evancho was magician Dan Sperry, classical pianist “Maestro” Alexander Bui, and singer Kristina Young. What do you think about these choices, PopWatchers? How do they match up against our other semifinalists?

Speaking of…it seems like we’ll have to wait another week for the semifinal round as there is yet another twist in store. Next week, 12 eliminated acts will return for a second chance at the semifinals, including Harmonica Pierre, CJ Dippa, and Anna & Patryck. What’s with all of these second chances? If the show didn’t feel like it had enough talent for a “Top 25” why not make it a Top 20? (or a Top 5 even?). Do you even remember who’s already made it to the semifinals?

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