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Cat Deeley talks 'SYTYCD': Why she sticks up for the dancers, and who bumped his nose in her pool

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America’s (newest) favorite dancer will be crowned Thursday night. And even though we have to wait two days for our winner’s name to be revealed, So You Think You Can Dance host Cat Deeley has an early prediction: “If I was a betting woman, and I had to put some money where my mouth is, I would probably go for Kent [Boyd],” Deeley said in a conference call with reporters this afternoon. “But that’s not to do with his technical ability, it’s more to do with the reaction that I see from the screaming girls in the studio. It’s literally like Beatle-mania when he hits the stage, and hormones are just crashing everywhere and the general high-pitched screaming.” Deeley also shared her feelings about how the show’s seventh season has played out, and gave us a brief preview of the Wednesday/Thursday finales shows.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: You’ve come to the defense of several dancers this season, with regard to criticism from the judges. Did you ever plan to be so involved?

CAT DEELEY: To be honest, it was a very natural thing. I didn’t want to come on the show and [have the dancers] be like, “Hold on: Who is this English chick who’s trying to be our friend?” you know what I mean? I was trying to definitely integrate myself in there, and that is something we started doing right at the beginning. If the dancers stand outside and it’s five o’clock in the morning and the snow is coming down in New York to go and audition, then I’m there with them too. I wanted to be a part of their entire journey. They’re really great people, in all honesty. Dancers have a quite unique mentality. They have a sense of camaraderie. And they are team players. I think it also comes from the fact that nobody really dances to become super famous or super rich. They dance because they love it. In actual fact, it’s a really, really tough occupation. Quite often they are really underpaid and under-appreciated. They’re not normally the people in the spotlight. Their careers are very short, and they’re struggling with injuries all the time, so they have to want to do it because they want to dance. And I find that incredibly attractive, and I couldn’t help but get involved, to be honest. I’d be a pretty strange person, I think, if I didn’t feel drawn to them in that kind of way.

Any surprises with who’s in the final three?

There were elements of surprise to it definitely. I always  saw Kent as a real competitor right from the moment when he was in Vegas. He just had something about him that was  so endearing. He  has a very childlike quality, and he’s a little green, but in the most wonderful way. And he just kind of says what comes into his mind. He doesn’t try to play the  show or play the cameras. And I think people find that incredibly refreshing. So I kind of knew he’d make it onto the show from seeing him in Vegas, but I didn’t know he would make it this far.

Any funny stories from this season that you want to share?

When I had all the dancers around to my house for a Fourth of July barbecue, one of the makeup artists came over to the house as well. And she was administering sun cream on all of them because she was like, “the last thing I can deal with is anybody with sunburn.” And Kent got in the pool and did a somersault and bumped his nose twice. He didn’t just do it once. He didn’t learn his lesson. He bumped  his nose twice. So the next week, he literally looked as though he cut open his nose from being in my swimming pool. I was in big trouble with the make up artist.

And what can viewers expect to see in the finale?

We’ve got lots of interesting performances. The LXD dancers are coming on. We’ve got [Hok and Dominic’s crew] Quest that are coming on. Black Gold are going to be performing.  And there are also going to be some very, very surprise special guests which obviously I can’t tell you about. There’s going to be some moments that are definitely going to be must-see TV and water-cooler conversation like “Oh my goodness did you see who just who performed that routine with tWitch?’ Because he’s going to be performing the Alex Wong hip hop piece that Tabitha and Napoleon choreographed with a very special guest dancer.