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Great moments in IMDb keyword history

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Image Credit: Everett CollectionOver the course of any given day, I surf through a lot of websites. Like, a lot a lot. And sometimes those twisty journeys lead to pure Internet gold, which is what happened when I found myself on the IMDb entry for Flashdance this afternoon and discovered what I believe is a new high (low?) in IMDb keyword categories: Female to Male Foot in Crotch. There are 146 titles! You’re welcome, fetishists!

This set off a quest to discover more strange or delightfully weird categories, like “reference to Calvin Coolidge” (a mere two entries), “sole black character dies cliché” (62 entries), “science runs amok” (77), “friends who hate each other” (39), “sitting on toilet” (31), “long tongue” (47)… and yet nothing could top that foot-in-crotch list.

Prove me wrong, PopWatch nation. Put your web-surfin’ pants on and dig up some better IMDb keywords!