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Press Tour Roundup: Seven things I learned during Fox's big day

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fox_shows_tcaImage Credit: Running Wilde: Brian Bowen Smith/FOX; Raising Hope: Matthias Clamer/FOX; American Dad: FOX* The Gourmet Chocolate Pretzel Balls that Fox force-fed me at the start of the day contained 500 calories and 25 grams of fat. In related news, I’m a big fat cow and it’s all Fox’s fault.

* Honesty isn’t dead in Hollywood. “I have no idea if this is a good idea for a network show,” said creator Kyle Killen of his ambitious (and terrific) soap Lone Star. “If it’s a failure, it’s going to be a spectacular failure.” Killen sold the show as Dallas without the cheese. “We hope to go a couple of seasons before we have hair-pulling cat fights.”

* Lone Star (and Pretty Little Liars) hottie Bryce Johnson can fill out a short-sleeved, purple and plaid Ben Sherman buttondown like nobody’s business.

* The hilarious panel for the new Will Arnett-Keri Russell comedy Running Wilde gives me hope that the show will get better. I’m also encouraged by news that the pilot is being partially reshot to “hopefully make it easier to connect with,” says exec producer Mitch Hurwitz.

* Keri Russell still does her own laundry—even when on location. Reason No. 12,345,987 that I adore her.

* No one is safe from American Dad—not even Santa Claus. The series will air what sounds like the bloodiest Christmas special in TV history next season. The episode’s writer, Erik Durbin, says he set out to make it as “bloody and cool as 300.”

* Cloris Leachman has officially lost her mind—and we love it! During the session for her new comedy Raising Hope, the slippers-clad comedy legend insisted that reporters stand up when asking a question, ordered costar Garret Dillahunt to move her chair to the other side of the stage mid-Q&A, and dropped more than one F-bomb. She also had some harsh words for It Girl Betty White: “I’m so sick of Betty White,” she deadpanned. “Never liked her.” (Additional reporting by Vlada Gelman)