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Watch 'Grey's Anatomy' star Kevin McKidd kick some ass

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After viewing the “fight reel” below of Kevin McKidd kicking men’s butts during a recent training session, I have the strong desire to see him in a smart, sexy action film with Daniel Craig. (Pause while you think about that. Go ahead. Nice, right?) The session was shot for internal purposes a few week ago, but somehow leaked online. Not that McKidd minds. He started training years ago with stunt men and martial arts masters for the Guy Moshe film Bunraku — shot about a year and a half ago — and liked it so much he kept up with it. It shows. If you’re sensitive to the sound effect of breaking bones, I would mute the video around :22 and :38. His moves are sharp and powerful, and watching him flip a few guys around is as enjoyable as seeing him knife those dudes at the end. (I found myself hoping for fake blood splatter.)