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'Big Brother' puts Rachel on a power trip

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No one bothered hiding their glee when Rachel and Kristen went at it after the HoH ceremony. And why should they have? As Matt pointed out, that crazy screaming match took all the attention off of him. I can’t decide who’s the worse player: Kristen for not accepting Rachel’s initial apology or Rachel for power-tripping so hard on her second HoH reign that even her boyfriend is questioning her sanity. My new vote for best player of the season? Britney! That girl is bitchy, funny, and playing the game so hard that she’s not afraid to take a bubble bath with the numero uno enemy of the house. Best line of the night? Tonight it goes to Ragan for being totally unaware of how the following might sound coming out of his mouth, albeit during a challenge: “It’s better on your knees.” How many of you Michael Scotted it at that point with a “That’s what he said?” Runner up for best line? Rachel shrieking, “Spice World!!!!!!” Somewhere Sporty Spice is smiling about the plug (and then continuing to be bitter that Posh got all the good outfits). And now—tune out West Coast people ’cause I’m gonna talk nominations—what do we think of Rachel putting up Hayden and Kristen? I can’t say it was a surprise, but I’m thrilled she’s breaking up this self-consciously pretty couple. No doubt Kristen would go home if the vote were  held tonight, but you never know what she could unleash if she finds out about the Brigade. Things could get interesting! Anyone not want to see Kristen go home? Anyone else miss Captain Kosher? Anyone like the Spice Girls?