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'Salt': Summer Movie Moment

Angelina Jolie’s truck stunt

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Yes, that really is Angelina Jolie darting across the top of a tanker truck in an early action sequence in Salt set near Washington, D.C. How’d she do it? Well, it helps that the 35-year-old action superstar has no fear of heights and a tight relationship with her longtime stunt coordinator, Simon Crane. According to Crane, Jolie was attached to cables while she ran across the roof of a truck as it drove over a bridge at 35 miles per hour. ”A lot of actors wouldn’t even get up there, let alone jump off,” he says. ”Just standing up there is pretty difficult.”

As for the leap, you know what they say: It isn’t the takeoff that’s tricky, it’s the landing. Jolie bounded from the truck to another one lower down — both were going 20 miles per hour — but for safety reasons, the star never actually planted herself on the second vehicle. ”We took her very close to it,” says Crane, explaining that Jolie ended up swinging five feet above the second truck, suspended from a harness by a superstrong Tech 12 fiber rope. ”I’m forever trying to push the limit in how we can make stunts look different and really see the stars doing them,” he says.