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Julie Chen blogs 'Big Brother' week 4

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Image Credit: CBSI wanted to start out by saying a HUGE thank you to everyone for all the support this season.  We’re having a fantastic summer — great ratings, great drama and, as always, fantastic fan support.

And speaking of drama — just when you thought the “Summer of the Saboteur” was over, they pull you back in!

In case you missed last night’s show, I announced that we are asking you, the fans, to pick this season’s next Saboteur. One player who is already living inside the house will have the opportunity to accept the challenge of playing the second Saboteur.  If they survive for two weeks they win $20,000.

Who do you think would make for a good Saboteur?  First tell me your thoughts below, and then visit cbs.com and make it official by casting your vote for this summer’s next prankster or backstabber.  Next week we’ll tally your votes and see who you think will be best at disrupting the house.

Let’s discuss all the activity (or should I say campaigning) inside the house this week.  Matt snags HOH and immediately breaks rank and goes against the advice of the Brigade — instead of throwing grenades (as Enzo would say) at Brendon and Rachel, he opts to put Andrew and Kathy on the block.  I don’t understand the strategy of putting Andrew up, but in terms of his decision to nominate Kathy –  it was clearly a selection motivated by revenge. Kathy presents no real threat inside the house with regards to gameplay or challenges.  Therefore I understand the Brigade’s frustration with Matt’s strategy.  “Matt the Magnificent” stood by his nominations all week, but I personally think he showed a short-sighted approach and missed a huge opportunity to strengthen his alliance’s position in the house.   He could have broken up the Brendon and Rachel “showmance” once and for all, but instead wasted his shot on Andrew.  And to make matters worse for the Brigade, Rachel grabs HOH again this evening, securing her and Brendon’s safety for another week.

Kudos to Rachel and Brendon…especially Rachel.  She is one tough cookie when it comes to HOH comps.   That’s two HOH victories for Rachel and two POV victories for Brendon. I’d say that’s a team to be reckoned with, wouldn’t you?

Poor Andrew – I felt sorry for him this week when he started scrambling and grasping for any chance at survival.  The Big Brother house is like high school – the moment you show a hint of weakness or desperation you’re dead in the water. By week’s end, Andrew was a man with no country.  But if you know you’re on the outside, why not go out swinging, which is what he did.  That was one fantastic speech from Andrew during tonight’s show, but in the end it did not buy him one single vote.  Although you have to wonder what impact the information he revealed (confirming a second “showmance” between Kristen and Hayden) will have on the house moving forward.

Some Random Thoughts:

— I know I’m guilty of referring to this cast as possibly the smartest we’ve ever had, but after the illogical campaigning put forth by Brendon this week and Matt’s nominations, I would like to retract that statement.

— House meetings don’t work!  If you’re feeling threatened enough to call the meeting, its probably already too late. As was the case with Andrew — too little too late.

— I love how this season’s men are so in touch with their feelings!  For example… Brendon’s tearful moments from week one and then  this week’s emotional outbursts from Andrew.  Seeing this makes the Chenbot emotional…yes the Chenbot has feelings!

— My advice to Rachel: You don’t have to yell in the Diary Room.  Those are state-of-the-art microphones that can pick up your audio just fine.  (But isn’t she great television?)

— I don’t know when it will happen, but I get the sense that the Brigade could splinter at any time.  Maybe they’re stronger than I think, but it seems unlikely they’ll be able to maintain a united front throughout the entire summer — especially with the emergence of the second showmance.

Top Quotes This Week:

Lane regarding Ragan asking why he shaves his arms:

“Because that’s what men do. Men in Texas fight each other and shave their arms—it’s just what they do.”

Brendon on love and relationships:

“Why buy the milk when you can get the cow for free?”

Rachel “Am I a cow to you Brendon?”

That’s it for now.  It should be an interesting week for the Brigade given the power shift and the confirmation of Hayden and Kristin’s “showmance.”  I can’t wait to see how it plays out and who you think is sneaky enough to wear the title of Saboteur next week. Thanks everyone.