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Degrassi: The Boiling Point premieres

Most shocking ever?

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Our favorite Canadian high schoolers hit the big city in the latest Degrassi movie, airing July 19 on TeenNick. Here, the gang — Jane (Paula…
Paul Shiraldi/TeenNick

Because Teen Nick only seems to air commercials for Proactiv, Education Con-nec-tion, and its own programming, I’ve seen the promos for Degrassi: The Boiling Point many more times than I’d care to admit. In my defense, they have been playing every Degrassi episode ever in preparation for the new season. That means Paige’s rape, Manny’s abortion, Emma’s eating disorder, the shooting, Craig’s drug problem, etc. How could I not watch?

Of course reliving these old episodes just makes me miss Paige, Marco, Jimmy, and Craig, but to be fair the younger kids at Degrassi Community School know how to cook up a good scandal, too: last season we got crystal meth use, vampire fantasies, the morning-after pill, and a HPV scare. So even though I’m missing the originals, I’m still counting down the hours until new episodes of my favorite guilty, not-so-secret pleasure, thanks to a deliciously dramatic trailer: A mysterious new student! Little Claire gets a trendy haircut (and perhaps a new love interest?)! Riley gets comfortable with PDA! Fiona gets slapped! The school goes into Lockdown mode! Oh, Canada.

It all kicks off tonight with a 2-hour premiere, Degrassi Takes Manhattan: The Heat Is On, where our favorite Canadians land in our fair city for a summer to remember. And now that I’ve seen a more detailed promo for tonight’s episode, there is an entirely new reason to tune in: we get a big serving of incest (Degrassi: It goes there). Declan and Fiona have always seemed creepy close, so I’m glad the show is exploring what viewers have been thinking for some time. But, this episode still gets an EWWWWW.com tag because of the huge ick factor. Is this the most shocking Degrassi storyline yet?