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Percival's Planet

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Percival's Planet by Michael Byers

Percival's Planet

Current Status:
In Season
Michael Byers
Henry Holt and Company

We gave it an A-

Poor Pluto. Cold, lonely, always on the outside of the solar system looking in, and, in 2006, stripped of its planetary rank and given the shameful title of ”dwarf planet.” Percival’s Planet, a historical novel, set mainly in the 1930s, tells the true story of the search for Pluto and those looking for it as their lives swing slowly and surely into alignment. Michael Byers occasionally gets bogged down in his prodigious research, but his characters remain strong enough to pull you in. They may be attempting to better understand the vast expanse of the universe, but what Byers has created is really just an endearing story of underdogs, both the ragtag crew of astronomers and the tiny celestial body they’re hoping to find. A?

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