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Press Tour 411: Highlights from CBS' exec session

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cbs-press-tourImage Credit: David M. Russell/CBS; Michael Ansell/CBS; John Paul Filo/CBSLaptop? Check. Diet Raspberry Snapple? Check. Ten-day supply of Xanax? Check. If you haven’t already guessed, Press Tour ’10 is upon us! First up: CBS’ exec session with Eye prez Nina Tassler. Herewith, are the highlights:

* Asked about the failing grade her network recently received from GLAAD, Tassler conceded that she’s “very disappointed” with CBS’ poor track record of integrating gay characters on its programs. She then revealed that we’ll meet Alicia’s gay brother on The Good Wife this season. In far less exciting news, gay characters will also be introduced on Bleep My Dad Says and Rules of Engagement.

* Regarding The Good Wife losing ground to Parenthood among adults 18-49, Tassler acknowledged that the Tuesday 10 pm time slot has become “more competitive.”

* Is Tassler concerned that David Letterman will bolt at the end of his contract? Doesn’t sound like it. “As long as Dave is happy,” she said, “we’re very happy to have him there.”

* Good Wife viewers will be kept guessing about Kalinda’s sexuality—at least during the first part of the season. “As long as people keep talking about it,” said Tassler, “we don’t want to spill the beans just yet.”

* Charlie Sheen’s personal drama will not delay production of Two and a Half Men. I think I speak for everyone when I say, “Phew!”

Coming up later today: Panels on The Big Bang Theory, Hawaii 5-0, and more!