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Bill O'Reilly talks Lady Gaga, Lindsay Lohan on Leno

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Bill O’Reilly stopped by The Tonight Show with Jay Leno last night for two lively segments. The first included an impersonation of James Carville (which I thought was better than Leno). The second found O’Reilly admitting that he’d like Lady Gaga to guest on his show. I’m not sure referring to her as “an unbelievable marketer” with “catchy tunes” makes up for dubbing her “Madonna-lite” and the backhanded compliment that she’s “very intelligent underneath the Lady Gaganess.”

O’Reilly told the audience they shouldn’t be laughing after Leno put up a mugshot of Lindsay Lohan to ask O’Reilly if she deserves jail time, because she’s headed down the same path as Marilyn Monroe. He hopes she’ll find someone in her life who can say “knock it off,” and Hollywood and the public will give her another chance because we love redemption in this country. Speaking of which…he also explained why he issued his first apology in 13 years on the air to Shirley Sherrod: He should’ve known to look at the full transcript before accusing someone of being racist because the same thing happened to him when comments on his radio show in 2007 were taken out of context after he had dinner with Al Sharpton in Harlem. Watch the videos below.